New in Sweden?

Work for you offer several services that will increase your chances to quickly establish in the Swedish labour market.

In addition, we have great opportunities to offer language support in your native language, as many employees are foreign-born and multilingual. By signing up for support and matching (Stöd och matchning), we will help to find the fastest way to your new job.

Our programs

Yrkes- och studieförberedande moduler (YSM)

YSM is an education-based course which includes modules that will prepare you to work or study in Sweden. Depending on your individual needs and requests, we will create a customized program that will help you to fulfil your goals.

For example, you will learn how the Swedish labour market works, and the terms and possibilities that comes with working and living here. You will also get the chance to try a variety of different jobs based on your interests to help you choose a profession. The teaching is in Swedish, in a level adapted to the language skills of the group.

Want to learn Swedish?

We offer Swedish for immigrants through our company Infokomp. Read more on the website:

The fastest way to your new job

Stöd och matchning

In the previous years we have helped thousands of people finding jobs and the right education for them.

With our broad network of employers and businesses all over Sweden, we have good opportunities to match you with your future job. Our staff are well educated and skilled in job coaching, and many of us are multi-lingual. For those of you who are new in Sweden, you can also receive extra support in your Swedish training.

How do I apply?

You need to be registered at Arbetsförmedlingen to qualify for Stöd och matchning, and they decide if it´s the right service for you.

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